Mami Kamezaki



Mami Kamezaki (sopraan)

Mami was born in Akita, Japan. She started playing the violin and singing in a children's choir at the age of 4. It was only natural that she came to become both a violinist and a singer. After high school she left Japan to study music, first in the United States and then in The Netherlands. She found her place in Maastricht where she acquired the master degrees in both fields under the guidance of Kyoko Yonemoto(vl), Dirk Verelst(vl) and Frans Kokkelmans(voice).


As a violinist she pours her passion in chamber music. She has been playing in many string quartets as a second violinist. She is a specialist of the inner voice of ensembles."I love playing the second violin. The second violin is always a chameleon - be it in quartet or in orchestra. Then you are the rhythm, then you are the harmony. Suddenly you have to jump up to take over the melody carrying over what the 1st violin has created."


As a singer she has been singing as a soloist and as a 1st soprano in opera choirs as well as oratorio choirs. She is currently studying bel canto technique with Michela Sbrulati in Rome. "Singing is an entirely different experience that I cannot quite explain." While she loves playing in ensembles with the violin, she yearns to be a soloist with singing. "The sound, the expression, the emotion - when all of that comes together within your body, there is nothing alike to that sensation in this world."

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